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Watch Parmanu the story of pokhran 2018 full movie download Hindi Free,Parmanu the story of pokhran full movie download.

Parmanu the story of pokhran 2018 full movie download







In the 19th century when Britishers ruled India.that time the famous business man of Chennai.was Portugal’s Sally John Kanchana De Monte.Parmanu the story of pokhran 2018 full movie download.His father was a Portuguese and mother Indian.His name was Kanchana Ramaswamy.In childhood his father died and his mother brought him up alone.High Jack 2018 Full Movie Download, His mother took good care of his business.All his businesses were done in the name of Kanchana.Kanchana name was very lucky for their business.Not only in India but even internationally.




Kanchana name was very popular.His mother got a huge palace built.It was named Kanchana Palace.Demonte’s mother gave him a valuable gift on his wedding anniversary.The value of that gift was 100crores.After giving the gift to Demonte she died.That gift was a locket. Kanchana locket.Celina started remaining ill.’She wanted to call all her three children to India.But on their way all the three children died.Celina was in shock because of this incident.Demonte decide to see the entire business.For that he went to Calcutta.When he returned after 6 months then he came to know from the doctor.that his wife is 3 months pregnant.

He killed all the servants of the house on the basis of doubt.
‘As soon as the villagers got this news they put Kanchana palace on fire.’
‘The soul of John that was angry is still roaming in Kanchana palace.’
Kanchana palace was burnt completely.
‘No one remained alive.’
‘It is said that anyone who goes into the palace does not come out alive.’
‘With time Kanchana Palace came to be known as Ghost palace.’
‘That is why it was locked.’
‘Because that Kanchana palace had become a graveyard of ghosts.’
‘After 10 years.’
Greetings producer sir.
Everywhere there is excitement. It is hit at box office.
I am telling you that it will break the record of Bahuballi.
I am telling you to get it published on facebook, twitter..
– Good morning sir. – It’s okay.

Come in only if you have brought money otherwise keep sitting outside.
Son, have you come to narrate a story?
Yes uncle.
In olden times Yash Chopra, Bimal Rai used to narrate stories to me.
– Writer, go inside. – When I said yes..
Enough of exaggeration, uncle.
Today you had called me to narrate the story.
Had I asked you today? Come in.
Yes sir.
If his story is not good then I will remove his kidney and sell it.
– Your story? – Yes sir, it is mine.
I have to ask that because tomorrow if someone comes and says that.. is his story then I need money to fight the case.
What is the title of the picture?
You had said it was small budget and now you say it is a period film.
You are talking a blast.
That will be taken care in graphics.
What? For graphics you need to go to US. It does not happen in Ulhasnagar.
And double GST is charged on their bill.
And if you need to give bribe then it costs 15lakh dollar.
– Is this a true story? – No sir.
It is inspired by an old English movie.


I made this movie Indianized and did changes according to new generation.
I don’t know what he must have written.
Tell me one thing. Do you have a comedy script?
What kind of a story do you want sir?
I do not need story. I need a hero and a comedian.
One should not come to know who is a comedian and who is a hero.
In theatre people will keep thinking as to..
..who was hero and who the comedian was.
Suspense will be created because of this.
It should be very spicy and then add some songs.
Dumb hero challenges a deaf villain.
And then hero’s blind mother comes finding.. show him her latest paintings.
And villain keeps the broken gun at his temple.
He is about to shoot but the hero jumps like a monkey.
And in zoom out shot he thrashes the villain.
How did you like the scene?


Did you enjoy?
– Picture would be a blockbuster. – Thank you..
Who is playing the role of a hero?
I am planning to do it myself.
What happened? What are you looking at?
No, nothing.
He has gone mad.
As soon as the interval is over a song will be shot.
A cute girl would be the heroine and I will do a love scene with her.
Kissing scene would be there so I am thinking of taking my girlfriend.
– Oh no..mother, where are you? – What?!
What happened, tell me.
Leave everything and come with me.
I am coming.
Come. Come quickly.
– Where are you Sachin? – Look!
What he has done? Which color fan have you put?
You had told to put brown color fan.


My room is looking so bad with this color fan.
I want white fan.
If you talk on phone then how will you listen properly? Put white color fan.
Okay madam, I will put it.
I don’t know which stupid fellow he has sent.
Hello madam. We have come to install TV from Citi Cable.
Hey, stay away from the switch.
Can’t he make me eat chips? Fatty..
Why did you switch it on?
Because I had to give you shock.
Come here.Parmanu the story of pokhran 2018 full movie download.
I am coming, sir.
Did you call me, sir?
Drill properly at the point where I have marked.
– Okay? – Okay sir.
Please repair the flush of the bathroom.
You know the work of a plumber as well?
Why are you coming behind me?
Learn to work properly.
You just increase your wages but you don’t know how to work properly.
Come on the 30th of the next month.
Madam, all the work has been done.
Did you put the point for the AC?
Yes madam, I have done it.
What is the total?

It is Rs. 700 for the material and give 700 more for the work labor.
I would keep you as a servant for 1400 as your salary.
Keep this Rs. 1000.
No, no madam I have done the entire wiring of the AC.
– Madam. – Yes tell me.
Rupees 1500 for the installation.
1500 rupees just to fit the TV on the wall.
Yes Sachin brother.
Listen, Raghav had called a few minutes ago.
Now I am calling him back so it’s coming switched off.
He had even called me. I had a talk with him.
He said he will directly go into the room.
– You also go. – Ok fine.
How much to make this baldy fair.
Dear, I have already given my kiss.
Now it is your turn.
You have not seen films of Imran Hashmi.
Give a deep kiss.
Like this.


Lips should stick with each other with fevicol.
Only I have given. Now you give too.
Oh God, whom is this bear like man teasing?
Hey, Mr..He can see.He can see mine also.What do you do here?
I was drying my clothes.Now go.Go, boss.Get lost, you ordinary fellow. Get lost.Baby, a cockroach had come and was disturbing me.Just two minutes. Hey, my privacy.Idiot, how dare you look at my lady love? Get lost.Hey, tell me man.Hey, brother Sachin since long I am calling you.
I am in the room and was sleeping.All the time you are sleeping. Is Raghav there?
Actually he is not in a good mood. He is sitting on the terrace.Even I am in the same condition.
Brother, will you get him at our regular meeting place?
We will meet later.Okay, my brother.Brother, will you do me a favor? I have kept a bottle next to the fridge.
Will you get it along?


Oh no, man.
Hey Raghav, Vimal had called both of us to meet at our meeting place.
No buddy, I am going out for work at night. You go.
Is it so important work? Come on.Parmanu the story of pokhran full movie download,
Do your work later. Come on let’s go.
What happened, brother?
What happened, brother? Has your bike broken down?
The petrol finished. Hey Sachin, give me petrol, buddy.
Hey, I forgot it, buddy.Parmanu the story of pokhran 2018 full movie download.
Now you will get punishment.
Now you will push my bike. Hold it.
Come on let’s drink. Come on give me money.
I don’t have it brother.
Don’t look at me.
Do you think this bar owner is my father-in-law?
It is good that you both came to take me.Parmanu the story of pokhran full movie download.
I had thought that my wife would come to take me but she did not come.
Now I will go home and drink little.
Tell me, Vimal.
Where are you, Shree?
I am here.
Are you with Simi?
Tell me as to why you called.
Brother, can you come here now?
Actually we all came here to drink and we all have no money.
– Brother, please come. – It is slightly difficult.
It is slightly difficult. Wait, I will ask and then tell you.
What did he say?
– Simi.. – What is it?
My friends are urgently calling me for some work. Shall I go?
Your useless friends. Didn’t you tell them that now you will not meet them?
– I told them but.. – Then why did those drunkards call?
I am sure those poor friends want to drink alcohol for free with you.
Refuse them.
Yes brother, what did Simi say?
You guess it.
She must have surely called us beggars.
She must have also said not to make us drink alcohol for free.
So tell us what we should do.
Drink water and sleep. What else?
– Driver.. – Sir..
Keep the luggage inside.
What should I say and escape?
Simi.Parmanu the story of pokhran 2018 full movie download.
My husband has come home. You go.Parmanu the story of pokhran full movie download.
What are you saying? You had said that he would come after two days.
My husband is useless then what should I do?
– Now you go. – Okay I will go.
Neither he is needed in the office nor do I want him at home.
Now you go from here.
– Okay, I will go. – Come here.
Will you get me caught by going in front of my husband?
– Go from the other way? – How?!
Tell me, what should I do?
I will tell that stupid that you are a plumber..
..and had come to repair the pipe.
– Now go. – From where should I go?
Should I go by pipe? Why should I go by pipe?
I will go by the door. People are saying that you have kept me here.
What do I do here?
I chop vegetables, sweep the house and polish your shoes.
You have made me a servant.Parmanu the story of pokhran full movie download
What did you say, Shree?
Do I think of you as servant? You could not understand my love.
Have you gone mad? Your husband is continuously ringing bell.
And you are doing acting here.
Hey, don’t teach me all this. Go away from here quietly.
Wait, wait.Parmanu the story of pokhran 2018 full movie download.
Take 2,000/-
If you need more money then call me after 5o’clock.
Okay, go now.
Why had he to come now?
– I love you dear. – Baby.Parmanu the story of pokhran full movie download.
Why were you so late in coming?
– Yes man tell me. – Have you left from there?
We are in full mood so will not leave like this.
Just wait there. I will come and then we shall drink.
This is like a good friend. Please get 1ltr petrol as well.
Okay I will get it. Auto.Parmanu the story of pokhran full movie download.
Look, he has come.
I know how to shake hands as well as break it.
But I have become friends with you so I know how to fulfill it.
Our life has become like a soda without fizz.
I shoot at discounted rate..
..and in that money they want to look like Tiger Shroff, John Abraham.
Sometimes I feel like making them Rajpal Yadav.
I am not going to become successful here.
One day I will sell my camera and go to Dubai and earn a lot.
..that one day you will be winner.
I can’t put my collars up.
Look that.Parmanu the story of pokhran 2018 full movie download.
Maybe you do not know that life is a like a kabaddi.
The one who wins after losing is called a winner.
And I am that winner.
I think storm is going to come. Let’s stop here for some time and then go.
Just tell me once what your wish is.
I can stop rain for a friend.
I have a separate connection with God.
– Hello.. – Hello.
When you go to Alka Jewelers at 5 in the evening..
..then you will find cash ready there.


Hey, for any days I wanted to ask you something.
Why do you call that lady Simi?
Have you see ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’?
Yes, I have seen.
In that Kajol’s name is Simran and her pet name becomes Simi.
Yes so.Parmanu the story of pokhran 2018 full movie download.
It is her favorite film that is why I have to say it.
Shah Rukh may say it with love once but I know what my condition is.
Hey, just call me Simi once.
What are you thinking? Just speak.
You are a slave and you cannot say no to your master.

Hey, he turned out to be Simi’s Tommy.
We are not intoxicated today. I think it was original.
I think we should go on drive.
We should not go anywhere.
Once the rain stops we will go home straight.
You go, man.
– Okay. – Raghav, listen.Parmanu the story of pokhran 2018 full movie download.
It is raining heavily so let’s have some fun.
I know about a place.
– Shall we go there? – Where?
Have you heard about Kanchana Palace?
The one in Anna Salai.
Tonight I was going to go there.
But I have heard that people call it ghost palace.
People will keep saying but we will go and do our work.
I will not go.


Why man? Why won’t you come?
I have some work.
Tomorrow morning I have to go nd meet astrologer Narayan.
Mother has taken appointment for four of us to meet him.
Oh yes, mother had said so.Parmanu the story of pokhran full movie download, We will have to go.
Why? Will whatever he says turn out to be true?
Whatever he says turns out to be true.
Hey, superstitious fellow.Parmanu the story of pokhran full movie download.
If you say we will take the astrologer also with us.
Leave me.
You all go. Once the rain stops I will go to my room.
But will not wait here with this drunkard.
He called me a drunkard.
I will have to teach him a lesson.
Hey, you both know that he is scared of darkness.
Then how can you talk about ghost palace.
– Leave him. Let him go. – Why should we let him go?
Earlier it was not confirmed but now we will surely go.
You are acting very smart. Now I will tell you.
What are you doing? I am getting wet.
Sit down quietly.


Stop the bike. I am getting wet.
Hey, I will never come again with you.
Have patience.
Stop the scooter. I will go from here.
You all carry on. I am not coming.
Please stop.
I am feeling cold. Take me home.
– Come on get down. – No.
Get down.
Hey, help him get down.
– Let him go. – Hey, what are you doing?
Let’s go.
Leave me. I am feeling cold.
Leave me, please.
Mother.Parmanu the story of pokhran 2018 full movie download.
Hey, let’s go back.
This place is romantic, buddy.
Mother, God.Parmanu the story of pokhran full movie download.let’s go back.
Are you scared?
Such a big place in the middle of the city and that too vacant.
There are many stories behind it.
Every person tells different stories.
What have we to do? Is there a snake?
Let me scare him more.
– Let’s go. – Why did you push him?
Hurry up.
Vimal!He called us a drunkard so now let him realize his mistake.
Hail to Lord Hanuman.Parmanu the story of pokhran full movie download.
Hail to Lord Hanuman Parmanu the story of pokhran 2018 full movie download..
What happened? What are you looking at?
Nothing.Parmanu the story of pokhran 2018 full movie download.
Sachit must have got scared on hearing this sound.
I am so scared so what must have happened to him.
Sachit.Parmanu the story of pokhran 2018 full movie download.
I am really enjoying.
– What are you doing? – For some more time. Please.
What kind of voice is this?
Ghost..Is there a ghost?
Shree, save me. A ghost has come.
– You’ll pay for this. – Hey, now I will go.
Raghav, come on let’s go.
Hey Sachit, where are you?

Parmanu the story of pokhran full movie download

The sound is coming from that side.
Hey Raghav, come here.Parmanu the story of pokhran full movie download.
– Where are you, my friends? – Sachit..
Why are you doing this with me?
We were joking. You got scared for such a small matter.
Listen, it is not right to stay back here. Let’s go.
Look, forget whatever that happened.
What happened, Raghav?
Okay,Parmanu the story of pokhran full movie download come.
We have to meet the astrologer in the morning.
There is no fun going there.
What is this Raghav?


Parmanu the story of pokhran 2018 full movie download

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