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Watch High Jack 2018 Full Movie Download Online Free WEB HD.high jack full movie download.


Watch High Jack 2018 Full Movie Download Online Free WEB HD

high jack full movie download





I’ll follow it up with an emotional speech.Tomake Chai full movie download.
Service to you is my religion.
I was born to serve you.
Uncle, my next move will get King out.
You’ll see my face on every cut out.
Brother, you’re very active on facebook.
Please give me a chance to act.
I can already see that you’re a very talented actor.
You’re going to be a very famous director.
Don’t worry, nephew. I’m alert.
I’m moving around the place but my eyes are set on the diamond.
I’ll find it.

Uncle, if we get caught people will kill us.
Be careful, uncle.
Cool, nephew. Cool!
I belong to the film industry.
We make people believe in the impossible.
This is a very easy task.
Uncle, stay calm. Everybody has a bad day.
I hope that this doesn’t turn out to be your bad day.
So, don’t be over-confident.
Be careful. – Okay, nephew.
I’m ready for operation Diamond Rocket.
No. Heroine madam, please.
Please sir.


The party is very colorful .
Thanks for coming to the party.
She’s Deepa Kamat. – I know her.
I’ve seen her films.
If I’m a fan of anyone after Madhuri Dixit then it’s she.
Very good. Very good.
I need the support of people like you. – Definitely, sir.
You do a lot of charity.
I’m always with you, sir.
Priya, please get a drink for her. – Sure.
Come. – Come.
Daniel, I’m coming.
Mosquitoes. Please.


Nephew, I’ve kept an eye on everybody who is coming here.
But, I haven’t got any clue yet.
Uncle, if a strong team gets a captain like you then…
…it won’t win an ordinary trophy.
White. Yellow. Blue. Red.
Happy Birthday.
If King finds out that today is my birthday then our game will get over.
Ma’am, I’m like the blockbuster film that runs to packed houses…
..throughout the year.
Don’t trouble me. Go from here.
I don’t know how to win the heart of this girl.
Uncle, something is definitely wrong.

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The traditional mark on Deepa Kamat’s forehead isn’t matching her western dress.
Everybody is going inside and coming out with a mark on the forehead…
…and a yellow thread on their wrists.
I think guruji is also present in this party.
He was the first one to come to the party.
I sought his blessings.
How will you search him?
What happened, nephew? Any problem?
Uncle, you’re so stupid. You don’t understand anything.
The Vijayshree Ratna is with king-maker Guruji.
I’m tired of this childish hide and seek game.



I’ll directly enter his room and raid it.
Okay. Action.
Don’t think of contesting in this election.
You won’t get votes.
Don’t make this mistake or you’ll be ruined.
Your stars are not in your favour.
Guruji, any solution for this problem?
Sir, please give me a seat in your party.
I’m a ticket-master. It’s my job to give tickets.
I’ll give you a free ticket.
Guru Bhai, there’s a call for you.
Hey! Why have you come here?
To predict your future, guruji.



Madam, I’m a very big fan of yours.
Happy birthday, madam. – Thank you so much.
Please excuse me.
Madam… madam… please let me take a selfie with you.
Something is wrong.
According to the horoscope today is not her birthday.
Let’s go and ask Guruji.
Stupid! Power-holder!
Who made you the king-maker?
He fooled us.
What are you saying, Raja?
Guru Bhai, I’m still the King.
I’ll separate the lovers forever.



Calm down, raja. Your stars are not in good position.
To hell with them.
Forget it.
Why don’t you out them in a pyre and burn them?
What are you waiting for? Come on.
We’ll be in trouble if anybody sees us together.
I’ll meet you directly at the airport. Okay?
I’m worried about the safety of the women in my stat.
So, the home minister will be in-charge of your security.
Come in.



Hello, Mr. Rowdy, listen to me carefully.
You lovers managed to fool me very easily.
You stole my diamond and so your girlfriend is at my gunpoint.
I’ll return the diamond.
But don’t dare to harm Priya.
Let’s play a game.high jack full movie download.
Come and meet me in ten minutes.


I know that you’ll arrive very quickly.
Come on give me the diamond and we’ll take you to Priya.
I can give not only the diamond but my life for Priya.
Guru Bhai, it’s an old technique to get signature on…
…a blank paper and make it a suicide note to cover a murder.
We’ll find out a new method to kill him.
You’ve got the diamond. Now set Priya free.
Vijay, don’t worry about me.
For my sake please go away.
Guru Bhai, they’re making a mega episode here.
I’ll kill you. – Stop!
Hey Priya!
Priya… Priya…
Romeo, your Juliet is dead.



Come on pick up the dead body and take it outside.
Hey!Rudrappa, take him from here.
Guru Bhai, inform all the newspapers and TV channels…
…that he killed the future Cm and not his girlfriend.
From now on I’ll be both King and king-maker.
We’ve just received a shocking news.
You’ll be dumbfounded after hearing this news.
Not any ordinary girl but the future CM of the state has been murdered.
We’re near King’s house.
You’re watching us live.
Hey leave me. – Come on.
I’m the home minister of the state.
First get an arrest warrant. Security! Security!
Sir, the people who voted for you and made you the home minister…
…has issued this warrant against you.
Please co-operate so that we can take you with us quietly…
…or you would be insulted.
You decide if you want to go with us quietly or…
Rudrappa, you can’t arrest me without a warrant.
Leave me or I’ll teach all of you a lesson.
I’m the home minister of the state.



What are you doing?
Rudrappa, what’s wrong with you?
Calm down. hold on. hold on.
We’re arresting the home minister for the murder of Priya Simha…
…with the CM’s orders, high jack full movie download.
We’ll hold a press conference tomorrow. Thank you.
Viewers, it’s hard to believe what’s going on.
King had chosen Priya Simha as the candidate for…
…the post of Chief Minister.
Now he has been arrested for her murder.
Yes, King is arrested.
You should not only arrest King but hang him.
I suggest that his body is thrown in the ocean.
This is not my demand but the demand of the people.
Watch this video for which King was arrested for…
…the murder of Priya Simha.
It’s hard to believe that a person who pretended to be a patriot…
…would turn out to be a murderer.
This is shocking.
This is a black mark on democracy.
Chief Minister Ram Tilak has appointed a special task force.
Surya Srivastava has been appointed its head.
He’ll execute the plan.
The police has arrested Brahmand Guruji for helping King.
Police has also arrested King’s personal bodyguard Riyaz Khan.
Evidences have been found against him too.
King who was believed to be a patriot…
…has been declared a traitor.



The man who has been fooling the media for the last few years…
…has been exposed today.
This is the breaking news in the state.
Someone wants to talk to you.
Hello. – King, it’s me.
The son-in-law of Vikram Pratap Simha.
I’m the rowdy responsible for your bad days.
What’s your problem with me?
Why are you doing this to me?
Revenge, sir. Revenge.
You killed Vikram Pratap Simha, Priya’s father and…
…You portrayed it as a suicide.
I’m taking revenge for that.
You’ll rot in that prison.
It seems you’ve bribed some petty police officer and so you’re so happy.
You may treat them as petty policemen but the people…
…will worship them as heroes from now on.
The hero is sitting right in front of you. Rudrappa.
How can you accept pension from the government…
…when you never worked honestly?
What do you want to say?
Vikram Pratap Simha. An honest patriotic police officer.
When King killed him and framed him as a traitor…
…why didn’t you take any action against him?
It’s not late, Rudrappa.



Show your honesty now.
What do I have to do ?
Game, sir. We’ll play a game.
You think you’ll win this game against me with the help…
…of this stupid old man?
The power button of my party will be in my hands even after going to jail.
Okay, Mr. King. I’ll ask you a question.
Who was the person because of whom Ravan lost the battle?
Who else? Bhibishan.
Exactly! Similarly your brother is the Bhibishan in our game.
. what is your younger brother Surya doing in London?
How do you know about Surya?
Surya is alive.
He sells bouquets on the streets of London.
So, the king of betting runs a flower shop in London?
How lucky!
If King finds out that Surya isn’t dead then he’ll kill you.
Tell me something.
You are elder to King and he should respect you. right?
But you work as his assistant.
What do you want me to do?
Game, bro. we’ll play a game.



Call a shooter from abroad to kill Priya on the day of eclipse.
Raja has found out Priya’s truth.
He’ll kill her tomorrow.
What shall we do now?
The shooting will look real but the gun will be fake.
King will shoot Priya and you’ll record it on your mobile.
After that I’ll send Priya abroad.Watch and download High Jack In Movie has genre Comedy and Movie star cast is Kumud Mishra, Mantra, Sumeet Vyas, Priyanshu Painyuli, Amey Wagh, Sonall


Mr. Hari will telecast the news of Priya’s death the next day.
As the chairman of the party you can speak to the CM…
…and get King’s arrest warrant.
King will shoot Priya right in front of my eyes…
…but I’ll save her.
It’ll be enacted like the climax of a tragic film.
You don’t know King.


high jack full movie download

He’ll check Priya’s pulse to see if she’s actually dead.
What will you do then?
Guru Bhai, that’s not a problem.
Some people’s pulse rate can’t be felt from their nerves.
This is a birth condition.
Check Priya’s pulse.
At any given time you won’t feel her pulse.
Fantastic! This is medical miracle.


The Vijashree Ratna that you had managed to hide…
…for years has been handed to the government by.
Do you think that you can defeat me with the help of…
…that old man and Guru Bhai?
I’m still the home minister.
It won’t take me time to spoil your plan.
Don’t forget that the system is still in my hands.
You’ll see the outcome after some time.


King, I’ll meet you in jail after some time.
I’ll share the main breaking news there.
Hey! I’ll kill you.
No! No! This is impossible.
What did you tell him, nephew? – Future.
If one King can be so dangerous then just imagine.high jack full movie download..
…what the other kings can do.
If we wish to eradicate them we must have power in our hands.
We’ve to become the king and then only we can bring about change.
Greetings, brothers.



Watch High Jack 2018 Full Movie Download Online Free WEB HD

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