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Aiyaary Survey: ‘Aiyaary’ has every one of the makings of a Neeraj Pandey spine chiller. The legit and loyal officer Colonel Abhay Singh (Manoj Bajpayee) drives secretive tasks with a select gathering of officers. Things go amiss for him and his group when Sidharth Malhotra’s Jai Bakshi – the brightest of the part – denounces any kind of authority. Abhay Singh needs to track him down while protecting all that he trusts in.

Neeraj Pandey’s motion pictures are known for solid character performing artists, and this present one’s the same. Incredibly, the constantly dependable Manoj Bajpayee gives another convincing turn as an unfaltering officer bound by obligation. He is the foundation of the film and is acceptable as a man fit for putting it all on the line to finish the job needing to be done. In spite of the fact that his plan to bring down his own protege is clear, his problem while pursuing Jai Bakshi is unmistakable.


Aiyaary Full Movie download



Discussing which, Sidharth Malhotra is at home playing an officer who winds up frustrated by the framework he has vowed to maintain. He brings a systematic, quiet and gathered attitude to Jai Bakshi, and is appropriately persuading as a warrior whose abilities put him one stage in front of his bosses. Rakul Preet Singh conveys a considerable measure of appeal to her part yet just winds up being Jai’s adoration intrigue. Gratefully, very little time is squandered on their sentiment. Pooja Chopra begins off with a trace of potential yet her character Maya just gets the opportunity to play a follower to Abhay Singh. Among the Neeraj Pandey top choices – Anupam Kher as Tariq Ali feels underutilized. In spite of the fact that Naseeruddin Shah’s Baburao is bolted away for a large portion of the film, he ends up applicable at a urgent point, where the performer more than compensates for his nonappearance. Tragically, it comes excessively late in the film.

‘Aiyaary’ has many lazy scenes that are for some time drawn and don’t do much to promote the story or add to the characters. The many-sided quality of the overall plot takes into account some article, however the screenplay goes over the edge and regularly loses pace. The film could make an unquestionably interesting watch with a more tightly alter without all the performed sections and exits. Those expecting the cunning Neeraj Pandey turns will be left needing more. In any case, ‘Aiyaary’ has estimated exhibitions that reverberate louder than its pompous score, and only they make it an advantageous watch.




The one who suffered the most, in this case, is our suspect.
All the members of that family are dead.
Or someone who suffered the most from it.
But, they’ve been dead for 3 years.
So why now?
I don’t believe it.
Sir, the investigation is still on.
I am sorry.
I will have to do something.
Now I will handle this case.
You will report to me.



You’re personally involved in this.
Your judgments may not be right.
You made a big mistake hiding your Parkinson’s disease.
What if something had happened to you?
Sir, please.
Let me complete this investigation.
Fine, but you won’t go out on the field.
Vandana, I am ready for the press meet.
Brother, you’re still awake.
I guess the serial killer is giving you sleepless nights.
– Why are you still awake? – I was finishing my project report.
I blew a fuse.
Just like there’s a serial killer in your case..
..similarly, there’s a serial killer in my office too..
..who keeps giving me projects continuously, and sets deadlines.
So I can apply your logic.
Which logic?
You see..when you’re getting sleepless nights, take a peg.
Okay, ..you never had a drink before.
I need permission to share a drink with my older brother.
Cheers, for the serial killer.
So how’s office?
And you office friends.
With the first drink, we’ll have a casual chat.
Then with the fourth drink, you’ll ask about Leena.
I don’t play these games.
I won’t ask.
Brother, isn’t there an Intelligence team in your department?
Why not?
Police don’t always mean violence.
There’s an intelligence team as well.
That’s interesting. Tell me more.
Working for the Police force is the best job.
That’s not my cup of tea.
I’ll go to San Francisco, buy a BMW and settle down there.




Watch Aiyaary Full Movie Download Online Free DvD Print

..could’ve settled down in any country I wanted.
But one incident changed me.
An honest police officer was riding his bike.
But four goons murdered him.
When I went over to take a look, he was bleeding..
..but there was still life in his eyes.
He held my hand and started looking at me.
And then he passed away.
You were quite young back then.
I get it.
– You’re talking about father, aren’t you? – Yes.
That’s when I decided that I will become a Police officer, at any cost.
I don’t know who killed our dad.
It was an unsolved case.
After that, I solved every case I was given.
I will solve this one too.
Brother, I don’t know anything about dad.
But I know you.
You will solve this case.
I found out what happened to you yesterday.
I think some public place is best for you.
Why don’t you get admitted to a hospital and I’ll arrange for security.
Sir, how can I be scared of him?
I knew you won’t listen to your ASP, that’s why I came personally.
Sir, the investigation will be..
No more discussion. That’s my order.
Yes, sir.


Watch Aiyaary Full Movie Download Online Free DvD Print

– Yes, Joe. – Sir, we have a breakthrough.
We recovered a syringe from the spot where lawyer Vishnu was kidnapped.
He used a sedative.
According to the drug analysis report its some compound made by him.
Okay. So one thing’s confirmed.
The murderer is a chemist.
He knows about drugs.
He might be a shrewd murderer..
..but they all make some mistake.
Good lead, Joe.
Mr. Emmanuel doesn’t have any relative.
His parents died 20 years ago.
But..Emmanuel’s younger brother is a pharmacist.
Watch Aiyaary Full Movie Download Online Free DvD Print.
– Follow this lead. – Yes, sir.
Now you are gone.
He was my older brother.
We started this business together, but..
..we couldn’t get along and separated.
We never even spoke with each other until the end.
I read the news in the newspaper.
It’s all over.
We lost our reputation along with their lives.
And you’re still asking the same questions.
Emmanuel’s older brother and wife died in an accident.
Their son Christopher has settled down in America.
That’s all the members of their family.
I will check him.
– Can you handle it? – Yes.
Sir is getting admitted to the hospital.
We’re going to stay with him.
Yeah, sure.
If there are no suspects in Emmanuel’s family.
Then was sir’s theory wrong.
If sir is not the victim, then who will be his fourth target?
What’s wrong?
You’re still awake.
I’ve to solve this abstract painting.
Don’t worry, you will solve it.
What’s the matter, dear?
Hi, darling.
I can’t sleep. I am scared, mom.
Did you see a horror film?
What’s the matter?
Everyone’s saying that the killer is now coming after you.
Is it true, dad?
Will you be fine?
It is not like you think.
If the killer comes face-to-face with your dad, what will he do?
– And then? – He will beat him up and hang him.
That will be fun.
Oh my, God. Do you know why?
Because my daddy is my Superman.
Yeah..my Supergirl. You’re my Supergirl.
That is sub-Inspector Manjunath.
Hey..bring the body down carefully.
Is our theory wrong?
Did he kill that Policeman and dress him up in police uniform?
That’s not his style.
Please, sir, you must relax.
We’ve haven’t caught the murderer yet.
First get well soon, then we’ll catch him.
And then like Joe said, we’ll lock him behind bars.
– Would you like something? – No, thank you.
Come, dear.
It’s 11 o’clock, sir.
I am famished. I’ll go and get some food.
What will you have?
Get me a 6-inch Italian bread from Subway.Watch Aiyaary Full Movie Download Online Free DvD Print.
..with chicken ham, no sauce, no cheese.
Ohh..is that why you’re so slim?
Get lost.
I’ll call you once I get there, you can order yourself.
Don’t ever ask women about their secrets.
Traffic at 11 pm.
I think the entire city’s out to eat.
If I want something to eat, then I must show them the power of Police.
I am ready.
Are you allergic to any medicine?
Don’t eat anything after 12, sir.
We don’t have your date of birth, sir.
We haven’t solved that code yet.
If we can solve it, we’ll get the missing link.
No, it’s not for you.
– Thank you. – Thank you
Sir, what about the four-digit code.
I think he’s trying to give us some clue.
The victim’s profession through his clothes.Watch Aiyaary Full Movie Download Online Free DvD Print.
..and the month of is birth through the mask.
What is this?
Just date and month?
Wait a minute.
We just have to find out one thing.
Which day is he going to commit the murder?
You’re absolutely right, brother.
The 4-digit code is associated with date and month.
For example 0912.
100 percent of its date and month.
But it’s like a riddle.
What is the common and unique connection between all three victims?
Blackmail Full movie Download.
The first victim was shot four times.
The second victim was shot three times.
And, in the end, Vishnu was shot twice.
What was the four-digit code in Shivanand’s case?
Okay. Four bullets. Divide by 4.
12th day and 16th month.
No, it must be 16th day and 12th month.
16th December 2016.
You’re absolutely right, sir.
That was the day when Dr. Ramya was killed.Watch Aiyaary Full Movie Download Online Free DvD Print 3660.


Watch Aiyaary Full Movie Download Online Free DvD Print


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