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tomake chai full movie download HD 720P




Tomake Chai Full picture show transfer in totally HD Quality on 720p.Tomake Chai could also be a Bengali pic free on 01 Gregorian calendar month, 2017. The pic is directed by Rajib Kumar Biswas and featured truthful Sengupta, Koushani Mukherjee, and Supriyo Dutta as lead characters. various well-liked actors world organization agency were roped bound Tomake Chai ar Biswanath Basu,tomake chai download. Kharaj Mukherjee, Laboni Sarkar and Kanchan Mullick.




What are you going to do?
He’s a king who is going to destroy his position.I’ve a plan to destroy his kingdom.Do you remember that I met a broker at the mobile store?He told me something about King.Breaking news.The home minister is looking for a girl to get married for the second time.Her horoscope should be special. Yeti obhijaan full movie download, My uncle told me about this Tomake Chai.
I’m working day and night to find the right match for him.tomake chai full movie download HD 720P.If I can help him get the girl of his choice, I’ll get good commission.When I get the money I’ll give back your money.But, how is it going to help us?It’ll definitely help us.King always does what Guruji tells him.He doesn’t do anything without his permission.

Whatever he says are divine words for him.This weakness of his is going to help us.The broker has got the girl he was looking for.I’ll change your horoscope with hers.I’ll take the horoscope to the guruji on the pretext of.getting our horoscopes matched.He’ll get ready to marry you in order to stay in power.This is how you’ll become close to him.This will be our first step towards victory.I thought you had some genuine good plan.But your plan is to get me married to King.Priya, the diamond is very precious for king.We’ll get it back.Your father wanted to hand the diamond to the government.We can’t go against King.We must stay with him, understand him and..keep an eye on his every move.You’ll play the game inside and I’ll play outside.But King is very smart and cunning.He doesn’t trust anyone.
You’ve to enter his residence and find out where the diamond is.And I’ll steal it.Priya, the eternal love stories like Romeo-Juliet and others.tomake chai full movie download HD 720P.



So both of you want to execute a daring plan.But as a director let me tell you that this story won’t work out.
Director sir, your false stories become box office hits.How can you discourage something going on in reality?
Priya, what if the villain starts suspecting us?No way.Even if I add salt to his coffee he’ll drink it happily.Nephew, I’ve understood the break-up part.But what about getting drunk and calling the media? It means that you didn’t’ get drunk that night.Okay. Here are some clues about the diamond.I’ll call you later.Madam, one question… – Just one question.Greetings.Raja, you’re busy exercising here?
I think you must listen to the news.Look at this.


According to the exit polls there’s no doubt that.Priya Simha of Jai Shakti Party will be the next CM.
Did you see that?
She’s pretending as if she’s the party chief.We’re already celebrating but I hope it doesn’t boomerang on us.
Raja, according to Guruji’s advice you’ve made this girl.the candidate for the post of Chief Minister.I hope the radio jockey doesn’t become the CM in reality.Sir, green tea.Guru Bhai, when you’re tensed you must drink green tea,It’s good for health.Guruji has some other plans.I don’t call him a king-maker without any reason.
Drink the tea.Shall we play a game? – Another game?
You should’ve participated in Olympics games.India would’ve easily got few medals that way.



And also the girl for whose institution we’ve given donation.or campaigning.We’ll be widely covered by the media, Guru Bhai.Priya told me that some party worker has the diamond.This is confirmed.Now we’ll steal it.Is it necessary to steal? Okay.Guru Bhai, guruji had called me. He said that…Raja, the delay in your marriage with Priya is delaying your control over power.Don’t be disheartened I’ve solutions to all problems.Sacrifice her on the day of eclipse.This will help you attain powers and you’ll be the next CM.Hire a shooter from a foreign country to kill Priya on the day of eclipse.We’ll set the game in such a way that the media people.will think that the opposition killed Priya.People will console me.



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