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Abhi (Abir Chatterjee) is a run of the mill tame and submissive Bengali familyman and doesn’t know how to challenge. He lives in Kolkata with his significant other Apu (Priyanka Sarkar) and his child. He has an inhabitant who doesn’t pay his month to month leases recent months and everytime he is denied at whatever point he requests the installment of dues.He basically leaves doing nothing, In his office Abhi is a hardworker yet his own particular associate Deepankar the royal bengal tiger movie download is desirous of him and plans his destruction from every other angle increasingly when Abhi gets suggested for promotion,but his other partner Nandini (Shraddha Das) is a decent companion and sympathizer of Abhi. Things goes past great one day amid Abhi’s birthday morning when he asks his occupant Mr. Pakrashi (Kharaj Mukherjee) to pay his duty, he gets slapped amidst the street by him. Smashed Abhi goes to his office just to discover that every one of his records have been botched up by somebody and one critical document of installment is missing.He sits entire night and chips away at them just to be altered by Deepankar once more. That night when Abhi was coming back with Nandini she gets attacked by a few goons in metro station, she cries to Abhi for help yet Abhi can’t protest.Nandini loads up the metro crying leaving Abhi at the metro station. Discouraged and sad Abhi meets his companion Anjan (Jeet)) at metro entrance and describes entire story and about his weakness of not challenging to any one. Anjan guarantees him takes him to a café and support him motivationally making him shrug his dread. They both assault his office for the missing record and when nothing is discovered they frenzy the workplace and flee. While returning home he discover that his occupant Mr. Pakrashi is drinking with different companions, indignantly he goes into the house and beats Pakrashi to blue and dark and powers him to pay every one of the contribution. Parkrashi is paralyzed to see the difference in character in Abhi. Following day when Nandini rejects Abhi’s proposition for boarding a metro and insults him, Abhi tells Anjan and they both keep running towards the metro station and Abhi begin beating the molestors badly.Abhi drops his office sack inadvertently in the road.Next day he meets Anjan the royal bengal tiger movie download. indeed and Anjan gives him his contact number.Once in office Abhi is stunned when he discovers that Deepankar/Dipu has been advanced, unfit to hold up under that Abhi presume that he has been deceived and chases him during that time and beats him so Dipu admits it was he who stole the installment document and shrouded it in his home Anjan asks Abhi that since Dipu has vanished his record he ought to thusly influence Dipu to vanish from this world. Abhi ties Dipu and tosses him in primary expressway just to be get smashed under overwhelming vehicle. In the mean time Priyanka and her dad,a unmistakable analyst, achieves police headquarters where they recoup the pack and reveals to them he is as yet absent, here Priyanka’s dad uncovers that Abhi is a mental patient experiencing a sorrow infection called Schizophrenia or split identity issue. As the dialog was going on Cop gets the news of Abhi sitting with the dead cadaver of Dipu. The police cuts him down where it is uncovered that really Anjan is a change personality of Abhi just because of the psychological malady whom he fictionalized as an individual and shrugged every one of his feelings of trepidation.the royal bengal tiger movie bengali movies online.


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