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International mafia rule the dense jungles of Serbia.There is high level security everywhere.Because today is the deal of the weapon.which will shake the entire world.And this deal is going to happen between Europol police chief.and Russian Mafia Nicholas Dior.Nicholas Dior is coming.Sir, voice recognition. – Nicholas Dior.Fingerprint. Retinal scan.Entry code. – Black Pearl.Pleased to meet you. Same here.Have you arranged the money?Do you have that weapon?Yes. Absolutely. Here it is. Do you have the money?Right now the money is being 12 different accounts ofinternational banks.

Drive is unlocking.This thing costs 15,000 crores euros.
Where did you get it from?The person who got is sold is a big secret agent himself.7 continents. 196 countries.120 governments and 18 armies..are looking for this small weapon.Once the money gets transferred to his and my account.then this drive will be yours.You’ll not be able to withdraw the money till you give me the code.That secret agent will give you the code too.Tighten the security.What on earth is this weapon which looks so small.Still is so valuable.

to safeguard which this area has been divided into three security zones.’
‘There is private security is the first zone.And Russia’s black hawk private army in the second zone.which no one can evade from the earth to the height of these trees.And then is the third zone.It has the gorillas of a barbaric terrorist group.This is A.K. A special member of the counter terrorist squad.Game over in 9 minutes.Black hawk, team leader. Cover the area. – Okay, sir.Money has been transferred.Check thermal imaging sensor. Please.

Subramanium Swami. Europol chief.
I’m Nicholas Dior.Russian mafia king.Thank you. Thank you for the confirmation.Because I never kill a wrong person.All agents, alert.
Be alert. – Spread out.This way. This way.Cordon off the entire area.
Yes, sir.No one should escape.The enemy has trespassed.The gunshot came from inside. Over.

Check there. Check every nook and cranny.Go. Go. Move. Move. He went that way.Come on. Move. – Find him.He must be here somewhere. Find him.He must be hiding there somewhere. – Look properly.Check there as well. – Look for him all around.
Shoot.’Who is this? He is not afraid of bullets or fire.'”He is a storm. He is headed your way.”Security, cordon off the entire area. – Okay, sir.

I don’t decide who I am.The one standing in front of me does.I’m either his enemy or friend.Just 4 minutes more.Search. He must be here somewhere.Don’t spare him.He should not get away.Move forward. Move forward.Sit. Drop your weapons.On your knees.Just two more minutes.If the entire world is against you.If the situation is difficult…and it cries out to you saying that you’ve lost badly.On your knees. – Kneel down.But as long as you have belief in yourself..

Tamil Movies online

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