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Royal Bengal Rahasya


royal bengal rahasya full movie download


On a welcome by Mahitosh Singha Beam, Lalmohon Babu takes Feluda and Topshe to a backwoods close Bhutan and remains at the hereditary home of Mahitosh Singha Beam. Following couple of long stretches of their arrival,Mahitosh Singha Beam’s right hand, Tarit passes on. His deadbody is found in the woodland, and police trusts he has passed on because of a tiger’s assault. However, later they found a blood-recolored sword close to his body. In the mean time, Mahitosh gives Feluda a question to comprehend. Feluda’s stunning insight is demonstrated in this part. He understands it most incredibly, and toward the end, chalks out that a money box is concealed 55 hands from a tree which has an opening between it, which resembles an old individual’s mouth with no teeth; between two Arjuna trees. While Feluda and his friend are headed to the money box, they discovers Tarit’s displays and later on, his light, which proposes that Tarit has unraveled the astound considerably sooner than the others, and was en route to the money box. Finally, Feluda finds the money box, and helds out the conclusion. Mahitosh had broke his hand because of a tumble from a tree, which Feluda came to know when he was not able hold the rifle. All the valuable huntings of the tiger were finished by his companion, Shashanka. On that night, while Tarit was going to leave, Shashanka too tailed him discreetly. At the point when there came an Illustrious Bengal Tiger. Shashanka shot his rifle, which shoot off the tiger’s nose after Feluda found a touch of skin. Tarit’s sword, as he watched, has started acting like a magnet, which was begun by an electrical jolt striking it. In this manner, Tarit wasn’t killed by any miscreant, however just, nature was the reason for his passing. He, toward the finish of the story is compensated with a piece of fortune.royal bengal rahasya full movie download.

Feluda assumed name Pradosh Mitra, a private analyst is welcomed by a rich previous Zamindar (and a resigned big game seeker) in North Bengal. The errand is to illuminate a conundrum which was composed by a precursor long time back. The conundrum apparently contains sign to finding concealed fortune that has a place with the group of the Zamindar. At the point when Tarit Sengupta, the individual secretary of the Zamindar is executed in baffling conditions, Feluda discovers that Tarit had effectively comprehended the question, and was taking the fortune when he was murdered. At that point the riddle thickens as there are numerous suspects. watch bengali movies online.Toward the end the man-eating Tiger seems to give the story another measurement. How does Feluda Settle it? See it to accept. The authority of Satyajit Beams’ composition and course of Sandip Beam can be seen here.royal bengal rahasya full movie download.


Royal Bengal Rahasya Cast

  • Sabyasachi Chakrabarty as Feluda
  • Saheb Bhattacharya as Topshe
  • Bibhu Bhattacharya as Jatayu
  • Dr. Basudeb Mukherjee as Mahitosh Singha Ray
  • Bhaswar Chatterjee as Tarit Sengupta
  • Paran Bandyopadhyay as Debotosh Singha Ray
  • Debesh Raychowdhury as Shashanka Sanyal
  • Biplab Chatterjee as Dibendyu Biswas
  • Sanjib Sarkar as Madhablal


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