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Rajiv Kaul, an effective advertisement movie producer, is praising his 40th birthday celebration. Everything is as usual: companions, nourishment, wine, music. The main thing distinctive is the nonattendance of his better half and kids and the nearness of an excellent more unusual, Sandy. Meri Nimmo Who is she? For what reason does she gaze at him.

Do they know each other from previously? A risky contact results and tosses Rajib life top tur. Nothing is the thing that it appears there is nobody who Rajiv can trust.My Birthday Song Full Movie Download. Neither his significant other nor his closest companion, yet most perilously, not in any case himself. Could Rajiv fix the past and spare himself from the approaching fate.


A progression of curved occasions obscures the barely recognizable difference between past, present and future. Between what’s genuine and what may not be.After a wild night of impulse and passion, advertising executive Rajiv Kaul must navigate the murky lines between life, death, fact, and fiction.

Initial release: January 19, 2018
Director: Samir Soni
Screenplay: Samir Soni
Language: Hindi
Producers: Sanjay Suri, Samir Soni


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