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Put a thumb print as you put in office.Watch Kaalakaandi full movie online.
I will come to know what is written in horoscope.
Put it. Put a thumb print without any fear and hesitation.
Let’s see.
Fish is queen of water and water is her life.
If you touch her she will get scared..
..and if you take her out of water then she will die.
Does your name start with ‘k’?
– No. – Okay it does not start.
Get the third bundle quickly from that box.
– Does it start from ‘T’? – Not at all.Watch Kaalakaandi full movie online.
I knew it wouldn’t start. It would surely be in that bundle.
– Did you bring it? – Yes, take this.
I think he is making us a fool.
Does is start from ‘S’?
Yes, correct.
Is your name Shree Ram?
Your thumb print says it is round, and your date of birth is 26-01-1988
According to Hindu calendar margh month’s triyodashi.
Yor name is Shree Ram and father’s name is Krishna Raj.
Your mother’s name is Devika.
According to your horoscope your parents are no more.
Am I right?
How does he know?
The horoscope says that you are very well educated..
..but to earn money you do physical hard work rather than using your brains.
You also tolerate insult.
In short your life is rubbish.
Inspite of doing 100% hard work your bank account will remain zero.
Even in old age you will die after begging.
Let’ see what more is written here.
His future is more inauspicious than his face.
He has no future.
You will be surprised to hear what is written ahead.
In this birth you will never get married.
Even then if some girl is unfortunate and gets stubborn to marry you..
..and just in case father also agrees
Then the same night she would be fed up of you and ask for divorce.
No one should have misfortune like him.
The nib of His pen would have broken while writing your fortune.
Come on, put your thumb print.
Is here only.Watch Kaalakaandi full movie online.
Now I am in trouble.
– Listen carefully to what I am saying, child. – Okay.
According to this writing your name is Vimal.
Your mother’s name is Geeta and father’s name is Mahendra
Am I right?
Priest, what about my future?
Your friend will live his life by begging..
..but no one will ever give you anything.
You will die after suffering. It is better if you commit suicide today.
Maybe your second birth is better.
There are no planetary conditions in this horoscope.
I will become a fool reading this.Watch Kaalakaandi full movie online.
Leave that. My married life?
Come on son, now it’s your turn to know your future.
No, I don’t want t know.

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