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He has found out the truth.A true and wounded friend who has been betrayed.Send the swat team into the tunnel quickly.Send me the blue print of the tunnel right now.The length of that tunnel is 40 kilometers.
And there is only one way in.But it is closed now.If A.K has chosen this place then there must be a way out.or some or the other exit plan.How many exit doors do you see?
There is quite a bit of confusion in the tunnel’s blueprint.There is no exit point.What am I missing? What am I missing?

When was the tunnel built? – During the second world war.Show the construction blueprint of that time.See. There are seven routes here.
And many of these routes connect to underground train tracks.That’s it. This is his exit plan.If A.K is a storm then he doesn’t know that Aryan is a Tsunami

Come on. Come on.Rachel has killed A.K.Yes. I can’t believe it.Aryan, this feed is coming from Mike’s phone.that’s my friend for you.I know my friend. He won’t accept defeat so soon.Or give up. Or die.He’ll have to die right there.Aryan, someone’s calling from Mike’s phone.It must be A.K.And it is tough to trace it.My dear friend, had you fought for the truth and asked rightfully.then I would’ve laid even my life.The bullets from your gun haven’t hurt me as much as your betrayal.Remember? How many times I have risked my life for you till date?
Can’t you lay your life for me once?
You don’t know how to live life and nor do you know how to die completely.

I have always stood before you as a shield so that no harm came to you.But you stabbed me in the back at the first opportunity.You’re not a human.All the countries are not run by their governments alone.Drug mafia, weapon dealers. These two also run them.This includes politicians, businessmen, government officials.and terrorist organisations too.Now I’m going to control all of them.I’ll get wars started all over the globe for my vested interests.I’ll bring about explosions. And attacks.And I’ll get new markets created in a developing country.Watch Hollywood Movies Online Free,like India after a natural calamity.What you eat, drink, wear or the medicines you take.Even the news you listen to.

My control will be over all of them. Mine ad mine only.Don’t ever lose two things in life.The parents who give birth to you.And a loyal friend who is willing to lay his life.And you have lost the friend.Now the war has begun between both of us.Watch Hollywood Movies Online Free.When two armies fight against each other is called a war.But when an army chases a man then it is not called a war.It is called a hunt.Your army will not decide my destiny. I write my own destiny.Your life mimics your thinking.You might have an army.But I have the motive to defeat you.When the motive is right then even God helps you out.
Which God?

Just as an ape transformed into a human.Similarly the God too has transformed.Into money. I’ll blast the second weapon.But I’ll kill you before that.Understand, my dear friend.Till now you’ve seen me overwhelming enemies.But you’ll see me a disloyal friend for the first time.You will see my rage.Come on. Clear the stage. He is ready to raid.Like a winded lion,Watch Hollywood Movies Online Free,he has become even more ferocious.But he can’t stop me from becoming the world’s richest man.Now the time has come to use his rage.If we fan this rage some more he’ll burn in it.

Do this. Kill his wife.Tip off the top mafia of the world to cut her into pieces.When he see that he’ll lost his mind and make a mistake.This is what we want.His wife’s death should send a chill down people’s spine.Give us the strength, O Lord.So that our faith doesn’t weaken.Give us the strength, O Lord.So that our faith doesn’t weaken.Let us follow a path…”Our men have A.K’s house surrounded all set to go.A.K can’t come even close to the house.Ragini is alone in this house.It’s pouring down. You guys go home.

Watch Hollywood Movies Online Free

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