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osaline. Check the riot table. There is some problem there.Okay ma’am.Guys, take order from the Veena table.Please hurry up. – Okay, boss.Here romance is happening.

And the customers are waiting for their order outside.Bubbly, is that we never fell in love?Tell them.You control your inner emotions just like this boiling water.Let’s take a leave and go home? – Not at all.These two were away from each for five days.Btu they’re showing as if they’ve been away from each for 5 months.It doesn’t matter how long you stayed away.What matters is from whom?There can be no one better than our Ragini ma’ offer tips on love and marriage to newly married couples.?
People say that a husband and wife have to compromise in order to live

I need the entire staff list. – Right away.
All these doctors should be in the conference room within 20 minutes.
Aps. – Yes, sir.I’ll sell off two of my farms in Ahmadabad.Aps. Two cappuccinos please.Okay, sir.It’s wonderful day, right?Aren’t you happy that you’re alive? All of you are doctors.You do the great job of saving people. I salute you.I also salute you for this great deed.I also have a job.

If saving people’s lives is your job then taking their lives is my job.
Finding someone no one can find.And killing someone no one can kill.This is my job.Just as I respect your work I want you also to respect my work.An image will pop up on the laptops before you.Look at it carefully for 30 seconds.Gentlemen, sorry for the trouble.You may go.Simply wasted our time. – Why did he call us?Let’s go. We are getting late.We have an operation to do. – I have plenty of work.

Sir, two cappuccinos.Aps. The second cappuccino. For him. Please.
Thank you.The second cappuccino was for the doctor. I thought it was for me.Alfred, if I had time we would’ve had this cappuccino at some café at leisure.And I would’ve asked you. Do you know this girl?Then you would say. No. I don’t know her.You would say this in your style.Then I would ask in my Indian style. And you would’ve had to tell.That takes time.Aps. How much time do we have? – Yes, sir. 24 hours.Alfred, let’s play a game.

I’ll ask you three questions.If you answer all three questions correctly.then the three dots on your chest will go away.I was with sir all the time.’
So when did he make this arrangement without asking me.’
‘Focus. Focus.’The picture you saw. Did she come to you for plastic surgery?He is saying yes. She did come. He is speechless out of fear.Aps, the doctor understood this game so fast.But my game would’ve been over now.And I’m still unmarried. Or kids.Did you do her plastic surgery?Talk. Talk. – Did you give her a different face?Talk. I’ll give you snacks as well as sweets.Talk. – Yes.The mention of sweets and snack has made you drool, right?How does she look now post-surgery?Talk. Talk. – Tell me quickly.She ran away before I could remove the bandage?
What? She ran away before you could remove the bandage?

Rejoicing before the victory and after the victory is not in my dictionary.
Come on, Pappu. – Sir, Appu.Tell me, my friend.I think we are going to reach Natasha.Great. That’s A.K.I have a photo of hers which matches 20%.That’s her new face.Pinpoint the location where the 20 percent has matched.with the GPRS code and tag me.Now we have to find this new face.Hey, it’s very urgent. I need to make a call. Come out.Listen up, team. The hunt is on.

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