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Hawa bodol full movie download hd


The motion picture rotates around two old fashioned companions, Jeet (Parambrata Chattopadhyay) and Raj (Rudranil Ghosh) who fortuitously went over each after quite a while. While Jeet, an accomplice in a major modeler firm, which he acquired from his perished father-in-law; Raj is a battling vocalist in a band. Jeet and Raj were welcome to a gathering of a non-Bengali business customer of Jeet, where Raj played with the specialist’s little girl Inka (Neha Panda). After gathering, both the companions purchased drinks from shut shops and savored the open. Them two wished they had each other life. In the wake of getting up from rest, them two found that their spirit has exchanged. Both of the companions were shocked to wind up in that circumstance. While them two endeavored to be steadfast, yet thought that it was hard to live in each other’s life. In the then Raj (in Jeet’s body) visited Chandannagar, the place where he grew up to meet his folks, which he cleared out years back to make a vocation in singing. Indeed, Jeet (in Raj’s body) came to visit his home to see his youngster. Inka came to remain with Raj (really Jeet’s spirit) after she had a battle with her folks. Both the companions attempted to deal with each other’s work. While, Raj gave a fascinating arrangement of utilizing earthenware in washroom rather than gold plates to the Indonesian customers. Jeet, then again presented Inka as a lead artist in their band, whose execution was all around refreshing. The two companions, chose to return to each other’s life, they rehashed similar acts they did on the day they exchanged and were fruitful in getting back their spirits in their own particular body. The motion picture finished with Raj going for an excursion to Chandannagar to visit his folks.bengali movie watch online.

The film moves around two old fashioned friends,Jeet and Raj who unintentionally ran over each after an a long time. While Jeet, a partner in a major planner organization, which he got from his dead dad in-law; Raj is an experiencing issues performer in a gathering. Jeet and Raj was invited to a festival of a non-Bengali business client of Jeet, where Raj played with the businessperson’s girl Inka.hawa bodol full movie download hd.


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